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We rent portable restrooms for events and construction projects in the greater McKinney area.

Portable Restroom Rental, McKinney TX

Are you looking to rent a portable restroom in or around McKinney Texas? If you are, look no further than McKinney Porta Potty Rental. We provide fast and professional service, pick up, drop off. Our staff are always happy to help you figure out what best fits your needs while providing a FREE No Obligation Quote! (972) 962-9962

What is a portable restroom?

Portable lavatories provide necessary facilities in settings without permanent restrooms, featuring easy setup for events and outdoor gatherings. These units include toilets and amenities like foot-operated sinks and hand sanitizers, emphasizing hygiene and user comfort. Their strategic arrangement underlines the importance of accessible and clean sanitation solutions.

Different Types of Portable Restrooms

Movable bathrooms come in different sizes and shapes which offer various amenities. Take a look at some types of portable restrooms.

Standard Portable Restroom

Ensure a positive experience for guests or employees with ample portable toilet facilities.

Deluxe Portable Restroom

Upgrade your event with our Deluxe Portable Toilet, ensuring comfort and convenience for all attendees.

ADA Accessible Portable Restroom

Choose accessibility without compromise with our ADA Accessible Portable Toilet, featuring thoughtful design for maximum comfort and convenience.

Handwashing Stations

Opt for our Handwashing Stations Portable Toilet rental to ensure that proper handwashing facilities are readily available for all attendees.

Trailer Portable Restroom

Impress guests with our Trailer Portable Toilet rental, offering upscale amenities in a compact and mobile package.

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What kinds of events need a portable restroom?

There are many different reasons you may need to rent a portable restroom in McKinney


Concerts bring together a lot of people, mainly in large grounds. Even with permanent bathrooms, you will not be able to cater for a concert. You need to hire a couple of porta potties for the one- or two-day concert to facilitate the success of a concert.


A festival also sees a lot of people from different walks of life attend. You need to provide some traveling potties to ensure the attendees have somewhere to go after a couple of meals or drinks.


Any party, birthday party, wedding, anniversary, office party, etc. requires a moveable potty. The guests will need a place to relieve themselves or wash their hands, and your indoor toilet may not be suitable for a large group of people.  

Construction Sites

Porta potties are crucial for a commercial or residential construction sites. Portable restrooms can be moved from one site to the other, so the workers don’t need to try and find one. These units make the construction sites more hygienic and increase productivity of the workers.


When you are hosting an event, you want to ensure that you have enough portable restrooms to facilitate your guests’ comfort without overflowing. For instance, if you have a graduation party where you will be hosting a number of guests, our backyard portable toilets are the most ideal. The kind of event you are hosting also dictates the type of haulable bathroom you are going to rent. For a wedding, you need a luxury porta potty rather than a standard one. You need to ensure your guests are getting the best services.

Family reunions

Having your extended family over for thanksgiving? The indoor permanent toilet may not be enough to cater for a large number of people. Ensure you hire haulable potty that is flushable for sanitization or one with a handwashing area as meals will be served. You can also hire one with a baby changing area for parents with kids or one for physically handicapped. You need to ensure everyone’s needs are catered for when you are hiring a portable restroom.

Portable Restroom Rental FAQ's

Anyone is able to rent a portable toilet as long as you have a location that is accessible for us to leave the unit. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about renting a portable toilet, simply call us at (972) 962-9962

You are able to rent a portable toilet for as long as you need. The rental duration for a porta potty in McKinney is typically one month but you can rent it for as little as a day as long as our schedule permits pick up and drop off.

There are many situations where you may need to rent a portable toilet. A few examples would be; an outdoor event, wedding, large family gathering, home remodel, construction sites etc. Any place that you may need to use the bathroom and either don’t have one available or will have to many people for a single bathroom a portable toilet  is a great solution.

Portable Toilet are typically serviced once per week. This will be sufficient in most cases but if you have a large number of people using the portable toilet you may need more regular cleanings. For example at a busy construction site. If you need more regular serving of the portable toilet please contact our team, we would be more than happy to find a cleaning solution that fits your needs.

A standard portable toilet usually includes a single unit with a toilet, urinal, and toilet paper dispenser. Some units may also include a sink with running water and a hand sanitizer dispenser. Delivery, weekly cleanings & pickup of the unit may also be included in the rental price. Make sure to ask your customer service representative.

It’s typically recommended to reserve your portable toilet at least 1-2 months in advance before the delivery date. However, if you’re planning a large event or during peak season, such as summer months, or are reserving a luxury trailer unit it’s best to reserve as early as possible to ensure you get the number of units you need.

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